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How to play: or Deep Space Airships game is a combat game where players must build their own battleship, battle, and dominate the arena.

How to play game

This game is also known as Dredark game. It's all about aerial warfare.

To combat in battle, you need to build and develop a powerful ship. You can arm it with guns and crews, ammo, and more. Try to craft new strong materials as well as weapons. Do your best to make it become the best ship on the battlefield.

Once ready, you can pilot your ship and combat against other players. You can also team up with other players in order to create a powerful vessel! The game features a team-based multiplayer battle!

The shield is also an important part. When your ship reaches 0 shield, it will become vulnerable to attack.

Game features

  • Regular updates
  • Cool crafting system
  • Multiplayer game
  • Intense ship battle


  • WASD = move.
  • Spacebar = jump/exit a ladder.
  • Left mouse button = interact.
  • Right mouse button = use an item.
  • Q = drop items.
  • Mouse scroll = zoom.
  • Tab = scoreboard.
  • Enter = chat.
Have Fun!