Drift Boss

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How to play:

Drift Boss is a more exciting driving game than ever. Control your car without rushing straight into the abyss. Move forward with this one-of-a-kind driving now!

Overview of how to play

Drift Boss is a clear and simple game. All you have to do to operate the automobile is click to move right and release the button to go left. The key to remaining on the platform, though, is time and planning ahead. There will be problematic locations, such as bumps, that you must account for when turning bends. Some platforms are also narrower than others, necessitating more exact judgment while turning.


The objective of the game is to drift your automobile from side to side while avoiding falling off the platform. Because there may be numerous quick curves soon after each other, you'll need to pay close attention. You may utilize the points you earn to unlock a new vehicle later on, such as a taxi, a fire engine, or even a police car.


  • Daily prizes - each day, a new daily reward will be available.
  • Spin to win - These are random prizes that can appear at any point throughout the game.
  • These are either boosters or coins that can be used to buy anything from boosters to better-handling automobiles. Boosters are bonuses that are given out at the start of each game to assist you to improve your performance. These include double score, auto insurance, and coin rush, all of which are limited-time offers.

What are you waiting for, experience Drift Boss right now! Wish you have great entertainment moments.


  • On a PC: Press and hold the left mouse button or the space bar to move to the right, and then release the button to go to the left.
  • On a mobile device: touch the screen to move to the right, then release it to go to the left.
Have Fun!