Drive Mad

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How to play:

Welcome to speed world

Drive Mad allows you to drive a monster car on a dangerous road. You may face many challenges and obstacles on the way. Can you pass over them?

You can see a yellow truck on the screen which is your own. It's on the tough road which contains the rope bridges. You must overcome them to level up. This game has 100 levels which have different problems. For example, you just need to move forward without obstacles in level 1- first gear. In level 2 (backup), you have to move backward to reach the destination. This game with retro style will bring you back to the past. Moreover, with simple control, children can enjoy this fun game.

How to reach the finish line

At each level, your final target is to keep the truck safe until it moves to the end. The roads aren't too long, but they contain various challenges. You may go through the shaking rope bridge or the high stairs which can turn over your truck. Even, your truck will turn into a long car. To complete your target, you must understand the situation first, then make a proper plan. For instance, you must go forward continuously in level 1. If you are bored, you should try this driving game.

Have Fun!