Duck Life

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How to play:

Nurture the duck in the game Duck Life to become the strongest duck. Your task in this game is to recharge and control the duck to win every mini-race.

The game will have 3 mini-games that are running, flying, and swimming. To start each game you will have to recharge the duck. This energy source is the mountains of green and yellow food. When you feed the ducks you will gain level and energy bar in mini-games. The most obvious effect of these energy sources is the speed at which ducks participate in mini-games.

The first is the running game. In the game, you need to control the duck to jump over the rolling balls. Don't let your duck touch these spheres. If you touch you will play again from the beginning. Or you can race with other ducks to be the first to finish. In this game, you can freely choose the terrain you love to start the race.

Second, is the swimming game. Try to control the duck to swim past the islands, columns, boats, ice, and snow, ... Do not let your duck touch these obstacles that appear on the water. Or you can join other ducks to see who is the best swimmer.

Finally the flying game. If you have more energy, you will fly farther. So recharge before you fly. Also, join a flying competition with other ducks to see who can finish first.

Shop in the game

In the shop, you can upgrade your duck by buying more energy and food. Upgrade the look of your duck to become more fun with hats or change colors.


Run: Use arrow keys to run
Fly: Use the left and right arrow keys to move up or down
Swim: Use the up arrow to jump and the down arrow to dive. Use the left and right arrows to move right and left.

Have Fun!