Dumb Ways To Die

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How to play:

If you are looking for a fun and unique game, Dumb Ways To Die is a great game for you to experience. Are you ready to face the bizarre situations in this game?

Have you ever thought about what causes the deaths? If listed, there will be hundreds of thousands of reasons leading to death. More specifically in the game Dumb Ways To Die, you will witness unexpected deaths. In the game, you will be transformed into funny characters. Your task now is to help the characters overcome the challenges in each turn. These challenges are short-lived. This requires quick reflexes. If you think too long about a problem, death will come to you immediately.

The challenge in Dumb Ways To Die

In each level of play, you will have 3 life. If you successfully keep all 3 life, you will get a perfect score. If you die in 1 of 3 life, your score will be reduced. In the game, you will also be given hints. Read these quick tips to overcome challenges with ease.

Character upgrade

When you get a high score, the game will give you suggestions to upgrade your character. These upgrades will make your character more funny and lively. Discover even more interesting characters by joining the game now!

How to control

Use the mouse to perform suggested actions.

Have Fun!