Eggy Car

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How to play:

With funny sounds, you will experience the wonderful driving process in Eggy Car. Your task in the game is to return an egg to the final destination.

The game requires you to have a skillful skill to control the car. On the carriage was turning a cracked egg. Just control the car with no control the egg will fall to the ground and break. So move the car gently and slowly. On the way to move, you will also have to go through bumpy roads. Be careful with these roads because the egg is round, it can roll to the ground when you go uphill. In addition, when you press the brake pedal too hard, the egg will roll forward and break. If this is your first time playing this game you will have to play it again and again. Do not be discouraged because when you overcome the initial hurdles your steering wheel will become more skilled. More specifically, the more you move forward, the more useful support items you will have.

Upgrade Car

How to upgrade your original car to a supercar? In the process of moving the gold coins appear on the way, collect them all. When you have enough money you can buy more advanced cars. These high-end cars will help you return to your eggs more safely. Join the game and try to buy the car you love the most.

How to play

Use the mouse to click on the gas and brake pedals that appear on the screen. Or you can use the A/D key or the right/left arrow keys on the keyboard to move the car.

Have Fun!