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How to play:

Come to the ball world in the game. You control your ball to move around the arena. Collect as many small balls as possible to become the biggest ball. Survive the opponents and climb to the leaderboard.

How to play game

In this game, players control a ball and drag the mouse to move it. Players need to collect as many dots in the arena as possible to grow. The main objective is to grow the biggest ball in the arena. Be careful because the arena is full of other players. And they also share the same goal. To survive, players need to avoid getting crashed by bigger balls. If you get hit by bigger opponents, you will lose the game.

Use the speed boost at the right time to survive and eliminate other players.

Characters in this game are colorful balls. Each ball corresponds to one player. You need to move the ball in a world with many opponents. Try to be the biggest ball! game has easy-to-understand scrolling gameplay. It's like a fight for survival between the balls. The ball rolls in the direction you control at an average speed.


On your Desktop:

Drag your mouse to move the ball.

Hold the left mouse button to accelerate.


  • Various skins to unlock
  • Fantastic growing io gameplay
  • Boosters and speed power-ups
  • Multiplayer arena
  • Full screen available

Tips to become the biggest ball in game

When you appear in the game screen, you are just a small ball. At this point, you need to try to collect as many white balls as possible to increase its size. At the same time, you also need to be wary of larger balls because they can roll onto you to knock you down.

When you're bigger, you can attack balls that are smaller than you to shorten the time for food. However, the larger it is, the slower your ball will roll. Therefore, you need to get used to this.

In addition, there are green numbers appearing on the game screen. You should collect it because it will double the number of balls you collect.

Have Fun!