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How to play:

Join the escape journey with the mine workers in the game You play as a trapped miner. Please coordinate with other miners to find a way out.

How to play game

Find an emergency exit

This game is set in the workplace of mineral miners. They have to work in deep underground tunnels. However, an incident occurred that caused their path to the surface to be destroyed. Now they can only use their jumping ability to escape.

To play, use the arrow keys to control your miner.

Features of

This game features pixel art graphics that give it a classic feel. The mine worker characters are modeled cutely. Also, this is a multiplayer game, it is team-oriented. The players do not compete with each other but work together to find a way out.

How to overcome challenges in

In this game, you just need to control your character to jump. Mining workers can move back and forth and change direction. The exit is at the top. You can't just use your jumping ability to get over it. That's completely unfeasible. To get to the exit you need to combine with other players. You can join them in creating a tower for others to have a chance to climb.

Whichever of the players reaches the exit is the way to complete the level. So don't hesitate to support other players.

Have Fun!