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How to play:

Attack smaller enemies, so you have a better chance of survival. You can switch your warrior's form by pressing the C key

Interesting survival game is an attractive survival fighting game. Control your warrior character to eat a lot of food. Then attack smaller opponents.

Player's mission

An attractive survival fighting game called Manage your warrior personality to consume large amounts of food. For that, look for weaker opponents. This requires you to eat meals like steak, eggs, milk, and anything else you can eat to gain weight at a young age. There are sixteen levels in the game that you have to complete.


The graphics in this game are vibrant, with lots of colors and effects. The vast forest where the game is set is home to many trees and creatures. Your warrior can take the form of a golem, orc, dwarf, assassin, cactus, or knight, among many others. Players will enjoy variety and fun as each form has its own weapon and special abilities. Additionally, you can purchase accessories and outfits to fully customize your avatar.

Rules of this game

  • As a small warrior at the beginning of the game, you have to consume a lot of food to grow up.
  • Above all, avoid eating harmful potatoes because they will make you smaller and less experienced.
  • You have a better chance of survival if you can take on smaller opponents. However, larger enemies should also be avoided as they can instantly eliminate you.
  • With in-game money, you can also customize your character by purchasing accessories and clothes.
  • Based on the points and kills you get in the game, you will receive rewards and be ranked.
Have Fun!