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How to play:
  • To move the spaceship in the direction of the mouse pointer click.
  • To launch your drone, right-click, attack a target, or mine resources.
  • To access the spacecraft control panel and perform upgrades, repairs, and part changes, press the E key.
  • To see your location and other important locations on Earth, use the M key to display the map.
  • To see other racers' scores, levels, and resources as well as your own, press C to access the leaderboard.

Game features is an interesting space war-themed game. You control a spaceship to explore new things in vast space. Do not complete the assigned tasks.

Game genre

The game belongs to the space-themed action and exploration genre. There are many interesting things in this game. Explore many other planets in the universe with your small spaceship.

Game modes

In this online game, you can play with other players around the world.

Quests in

Daily Tasks: You can earn Supply Points and Credits by completing these easy tasks every day. For example, acquiring a specific amount of a type of resource or eliminating a specific amount of a type of opponent.

The more difficult quests you can complete to receive Gems, Elemental Cores, and Parts are called Varied Quests. For example, create a spaceship when needed or find some hidden places on the map.

Group Missions: To earn better prizes, you can complete these missions together with friends or other players. For example, participate in a speed race or destroy a giant Leviathan.

Have Fun!