Extreme Thumb War

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How to play:

Experience the fierce Extreme Thumb War battles between two fingers. The game is simulated with two hands but the thumb is the main. Find opportunities to defeat opponents quickly and accurately. In the two corners of the playing screen will be two energy bars. Mana is decreased when the opponent is attacked many times, one of the opponent's energy bars is exhausted, then the battle is over and the winner will gain a star. In the game, there are two game modes.

  • 1 player mode: You will fight the CPU to win this turn. The first 3 stars win will be the winner.
  • 2 player mode: You will fight on the same keyboard with your friends. In this mode, there will be more power such as energy recovery tape, speedy punch to hit enemies quickly. Use your chance to gain invincible power. The first 3 stars win will be the winner.


  • 1 player mode: Click to play
  • 2 player mode: Use two W and arrow keys to control.
Have Fun!