Flip the Gun

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How to play:

Flip the Gun shooting game based on physics phenomenon, shoot at the right time to gun always in the air. The recoil of the gun will help the gun fly, take advantage of that opportunity to collect more ammo, the higher you will see the gold coins, use the gun to shoot at the gold coins to increase your score. The further away your score will increase. That's why staying in the air for the longest time is the best way. It seems very easy, but immediately join the game to know they are not easy. Are you confident in getting the highest score? Join the game now!

Release Date

September 2018


Royale Gamers made this game.

Features of the game

The game includes 12 different guns. You will have 30 achievements to lock, unlock to get the best rewards. Especially, each gun will have 6 challenges out of a total of 72 challenges. Are you ready to conquer all the challenges of this game?


Use mouse or SPACEBAR or MLB key to shoot guns

Have Fun!