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How to play: is a vibrant football game rocking the stadium with multiplayer. Together with your teammates get the highest score to become the champion.

Starting the game you can choose to play Solo or compete with friends. Your main task is to obscure the view of the goalkeeper and get the ball through the opponent's defense to score a goal. To connect with teammates you can also join the global discussion by clicking "Global Chat" to get great soccer strategies. Based on the skills you are trained to rush to the goalkeeper and judge his moves to score intelligently. Show off your outstanding soccer skills with the support of your teammates. The fans are cheering for you in this legendary football match. Join the game now to claim you are an excellent player.

If you hit one of the targets floating behind the grid, your points will be doubled. Be the hero by overtaking the goalkeeper in this busy and realistic soccer simulation. Set up an account to store your data.


  • Game with the participation of many players.
  • Various characters for you to customize.
  • Choose the country you like.
  • Fast-paced game.
  • How to control by familiar, easy keys.


  • Use WASD to move
  • Right click to run
  • Left click to kick
  • Use Space key to slide
  • Use the E key to call your teammates
Have Fun!