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How to play:

The lively sound in the shooter will bring you many great experiences. Use the gun that belongs to you and destroy all the opponents in your sights.

With shooting games, most will have the same goal of destroying the opponent and becoming the only one to win. The game also has a similar purpose. In the game, you need to move around the area on the map to find the opponent. Defeat their health bars with the guns you are given at the start of the game. Moreover, the game also gives you a number of tasks to help you increase bonuses and increase Xp. Defeat all opponents until you win the title VICTORY.

Game map

The game has a variety of game maps. Each map is a different terrain. Basically, you will see the game map is the towers with many stairs and tunnels. Or the terrain of abandoned buildings. All maps have terrain suitable for aiming, moving, and hiding. Besides, to detect opponents more easily, you need to pay attention to the direction indicator on the corner of the screen. For enemies near you, red dots will appear. Based on that, you can track opponents more easily. But you should also be careful because opponents will also know you are near.

Weapons and costumes

The game not only attracts you with its engaging gameplay but also provides you with the most modern weapons and costumes. The game has a lot of guns for you to experience. Especially in the game if you own a firearm. This is a very powerful gun. You can destroy your opponent with just one shot. But the disadvantage of this gun can not fire consecutively. There are also many types of guns for you to explore such as pistols, rifles, and grenades, ... are provided in the game. Besides, you can buy many different types of armor. To buy these types of armor you need to accumulate money after each participation. These types of armor will greatly reduce your damage.

How to control

  • To move, use the "WASD" keys.
  • To shoot your opponent click "left click"
  • To aim at your opponent, click "right click".
  • To jump use the "Space" key.
  • To reload, use the "R" key.
  • To switch weapons use the "mouse wheel"
  • To pause click "Tab"

Make yourself an admirable Profile by upgrading Level, Xp, Kills, and Money right now! And don't forget to open valuable gifts in the game.

Have Fun!