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How to play: is a fun jumping game, controlling a frog moving up the sliders with its long tongue to collect items and escape danger before the slider moves. This is an extremely attractive game when you are combined with special features such as jumping, overcoming obstacles, and shooting. Your task is to make the frog jump on the sliders as quickly as possible and collect the items scattered on the bars. When moving, use jumping skills and use a flexible tongue to cling to the sliders that are longer than the frog's tongue. Also, attack the bad guys around you by shooting and killing them. is a free online game that helps frogs move even further in this endless jumping game!

An adventure option is included in the game, in which you ride a frog and fire huge cannons while attempting to live and return to the surface. As you go through the levels, you'll get access to additional abilities, weapons, challenges, and the ability to take on more challenging monsters.

Frogiddy encourages players to find their own method of bouncing, smashing, and blasting around the screen with enormous hops, a frog tongue that acts as a Hookshot, and weaponry that can blow you away. In, the weapon system lets you mix different components to alter how your weapon operates. Is there any way to do more harm? Constant-fire? There are bouncing bullets, weapon propulsion, explosions, and more in this game.

In, you may play the game your way: harvest upgrades for your next frog life, or sacrifice your froggy life for extra bonuses and try to kill bosses. Your ascent is determined by a variety of unique obstacles, and it will alter as you gain new things and content.

The game is still being developed. New weaponry, equipment, opponents, and other features are being added all the time. Do you have a great idea? It's possible that it'll make it into the game!


  • Use WASD keys to move or arrow keys
  • Use the left mouse button to stick out your tongue
  • Use the right mouse to shoot
Have Fun!