G Switch 3

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How to play:

Run and pass them all with G Switch 3, an upgraded version of the game with many attractive features. In this game you will run non-stop with the character, after each gate will be different paths, requiring speed and flexibility of the operator. More specifically in this version G Switch 3 you will need to control, two people running in single-player mode from now on.

The game has 3 game modes for you to choose from:

  • Normal mode
  • Endless mode
  • Multiplayer mode

In all modes, you need to move and pass fatal saws. You will be returned to the nearest door if something goes wrong.

With endless mode you need to move more flexibly because the path is not easy, you have to fly out on the run or bump into saw blades at any time.

With the multiplayer mode, you will use two different reinforcement and clone modes. Five new characters are included in this mode. You can play up to eight players with the multiplayer mode option, and you can set their controls. Maintain the most running time you will win.


  • 1 player: Click the mouse or use the arrow keys.
  • Player 2-8: Determine from the game menu.
Have Fun!