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How to play:

Gatoslice is an extremely attractive classic puzzle game. Your aim in this game is to put the freshly baked pizzas on the matching plates. Enjoy it!

You will see the cakes will appear on the plate placed in the center. The cakes will appear in a variety of arrangements. Move these pieces of cake to plates without overlapping. You will have time to think about arranging these pieces of cake so don't worry too much about this. Keep sorting until the score bar is filled.

How to get a high score

The more you do the quick sorting operations, your score will be multiplied many times. But to do that you need to have great skills. Those skills depend on your focus and agility. Pay attention to all the disks around. To see which piece of cake given this time is the missing piece of the cake plate. Then quickly click on that plate of cake. If you perform these operations continuously and correctly, you will get the expected score. Don't forget to watch the extra pies unfold for more preparation.

Levels in the game

The outstanding feature of the game is that there are many game levels for you to explore. In each game level, you will experience cakes with different colors and decorations.

How to play

To play this interesting game Gatoslice you need to use the mouse to click. Click on the pizza plates to move the given pizza to the correct position.

Have Fun!