Gats io

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How to play:

Gats io action shooting game on the harsh arena. Your main goal is to kill other players in the arena to gain points. Weapons and armor are important items to help you survive.


You will use the map's items as protection against enemy fire. Pay attention to your opponents. If they've run out of ammunition, they'll have to reload, something you should take advantage of.

The map's middle contains a special square that grants points to players who occupy it. But be cautious: a square is a risky place where you'll have to protect yourself from other players.

There are a variety of perks that can be combined to fit your playing style. Some players favor a more offensive run-and-gun style, while others prefer to remain undetected. It's important to remember that heavy arms and armor will slow down your moving pace. You can fly faster with smaller arms and lighter armor.

Gats io server can hold up to 64 players. Based on how many users are on the server, the map region can dynamically grow and shrink. This means you won't have to drive far to get in on the party. The map's out-of-bounds areas are blanketed in a toxic fog. You'll be able to live in it for a short while, but don't last too long!


  • Choose your weapon, color, and armor from the selection screen, then click PLAY.
  • Move around with the WASD keys or the arrow keys
  • LEFT CLICK to shoot
  • R key reload
  • Press the SPACEBAR to use advanced powers
Have Fun!