Ghost Fight Io

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How to play:

Ghost Fight Io is an interesting survival game inspired by cute ghosts. Become the strongest ghost by absorbing souls and conquering others with your power.

You are a cute young ghost that has just been created in a deserted cemetery, your mission is to fly to find glowing souls to absorb them and gradually become stronger. There are many other ghosts also flying in search of souls like you. All data is updated on top. The strongest ghosts are the ones with the highest score or stay away from those ghosts if you don't want them to absorb all the souls you collect. If the souls you collect are absorbed by other ghosts you will also disappear. This addictive game will give you great relaxing moments, join the game now to conquer all the souls!


In the game, you will be supported with 3 useful items magnets, boots, and protective shields.

  • Magnets will help absorb your soul in the widest range.
  • Boots will help you fly faster, which is very useful when you are being chased and attacked by other ghosts.
  • Protective Shield will help you keep the collected souls when there is a collision with other souls.

Note: Support items only work for a short time, so collect all the items whenever you come across them.

How to play

  • Use ASDW or Arrow keys to move your character.
Have Fun!