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How to play: is a fan-made sequel to the game where players must control a tank and defeat different polygons and players to level up. Try to dominate the arena with your skills! Game Guides


The game works similarly to the game. Players take control of a tank called Basic, move around, and shoot to eliminate different polygons as well as other players in the arena to level up and earn XP points.


It is important to upgrade your tank and improve its health, speed, damage, and other specifications. As you upgrade your tank, it will become stronger and you can perform better in the match.

To survive, you must try not to get hit by other tanks. Move around carefully because sometimes the opponent may appear out of nowhere and shoot you from afar!

Game modes:

2DOM (Domination): Players compete to control different areas.

4TDM (Team Death Match): Work with your teammates and try to get the highest score.

FFA (Free for all): Battle and dominate the arena.

Game Controls:

  • WASD to move
  • Use your mouse to aim
  • Spacebar to shoot
  • E for auto-fire
  • C for auto-spin
  • R to disable auto-weapons
  • N to level up
Have Fun!