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How to play:

You control your knight by using WASD, or the arrow keys to move. Use the mouse to change the character's view direction.

About game

Start the survival strategy game in the wild world of! Players must build a base, collect resources, engage in combat with other players, and defend their base.

Game plot

You are a swordsman lost in the forest: nothing but your sword and cunning to keep you alive. You must defeat every enemy swordsman, but to do so, you must build a safe shelter for yourself and collect materials to strengthen your defenses.

Game missions

You need to establish a strong base and defend it from other players and enemies. The game urges players to work together and strive to win in the virtual world.

Some tips in game

  • Build walls and doors using your collected resources to fortify your base and protect it from enemies and other players.
  • One of the things you need to focus on is focusing on upgrades. Let's make your base stronger and more effective. Build soldiers, archers, and miners, and update existing buildings.
  • In addition, you need to pay attention to collecting resources carefully. To maintain and expand your foundation, make sure you always have an adequate supply of wood, stone, and food.
Have Fun!