Goodgame Empire

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How to play:

Control the game actions with the mouse.

To build structures, recruit warriors, investigate technology, and more, click the icons.

To mobilize your army, attack other castles, or explore new areas, click on the map.

To communicate with other players, send messages or participate in activities, click on the alliance icon.

To see comprehensive information about your empire, including resources, reputation, quests, and more, click the menu icon.

About Goodgame Empire

Start building and expanding a medieval kingdom in the strategy game Goodgame Empire. Grow your empire from a small castle into a powerful kingdom. Build a powerful army and go to war with other empires. Additionally, you can link up with other players to form allies and work together. This exciting game has stunning visuals and vivid sounds. You can play Goodgame Empire for free right on your web browser without having to download anything. You can interact with millions of other players worldwide by joining the game's huge community of players.


Build and improve basic structures. To increase resource output, storage capacity, and army capacity, you should build and update basic buildings such as main houses, warehouses, factories, etc. To protect your castle from intruders, you should also erect defensive structures such as ramparts and cannon fodder.

Have Fun!