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How to play: is an interesting game in the genre of survival fighting games. Control characters to fight other opponents with swords or other melee weapons. Try to fight to get as many points as possible. You can choose one of two modes, Survival or Capture The Flag. In Survival game mode, you will be free to fight with other players. In Capture The Flag mode, your mission is to try to win the flag.

Some advice

In the game, you have to attack and move quickly at the right time. It's best not to use your agility too often as it takes some time to recover.

Use the length of the sword to your advantage and attack long distances. The more useful the sword is in combat, the longer it will last. You have to gain points by eliminating your enemies or consuming green gems to get the long sword.

Choose a weapon that suits the way you want to play. In the game, there are several different types of weapons, each with their advantages and disadvantages. For example, the ax is a powerful weapon, with a fast attack speed and medium length, while the sword is the base weapon.

Have Fun!