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How to play:

GoTet is a puzzle game combined with jigsaw puzzles. Collect all the blocks scattered on the map to get a complete square. Grow it into the largest square.

The game will take you to a minimalist space, where you will have to perform a not simple task. Your task now moves the square frame to collect the missing pieces. To fill this square block. There are countless pieces of the puzzle, but not all of them will help you. You will probably never be able to fill the square. Because the sides of the square are covered. So here's a little tip for you. Find the pieces that match the center of gravity of the square first. Then gradually work out to the edges of the square. As you complete each jigsaw your square will grow bigger and time will also increase. Discover this fascinating game now!

Modes available in the game

The game has 3 game modes for you to choose from. Those levels of play are Classic Single player, Modern Single player, and multiplayer mode respectively. Corresponding to each level of play will be its own play style. In modern Single player and multiplayer mode, you will be given more boosters. If you're a beginner I'd recommend joining the classic Singleplayer mode first to get used to the gameplay. Then you can join 2 modern Single player modes and multiplayer modes.

How to control the game

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Use WASD keys to move. To stick the blocks to the square frame left click or press SPACEBAR. To release the blocks press the M key. Besides, use keys like N to rotate, V to use a shield, B to rotate a magnet, F to launch fire, C to shrink, X to accelerate, and T to watch time.

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Touch the screen to move the square. Touch the square to paste the blocks. Use the left and right wheels to stick and release the blocks. In addition, the right wheels help you use other supports.

Have Fun!