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How to play: is a fun and engaging game where you'll have to show off your agile movement skills to collect bubbles and destroy other competitors in a miniature map.

Before entering the arena, you may personalize your character and sausage in a variety of ways, including hairdo and skin color. Once you've entered the arena, the controls are simple: use the mouse to control your character's directional movement, and the left mouse button to sprint. Assassinate as many opponents as you can to become the Grims champion!

In the game, you will move around the arena to collect and become more dangerous. Your spike will grow and will make it easier for you to reach and destroy smaller opponents. For bigger opponents, you need to be careful and use some small tactics like stabbing in the back.


  • When you remove opponents in a short amount of time or stab an opponent from behind, you earn additional points.
  • The look of the character can be changed.
  • It's simple to play.
  • Your weapon has the ability to lengthen.
  • You can dash to avoid or pursue other players.


  • Use mouse to move
  • Hold the mouse to move faster
Have Fun!