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How to play:

Growmi is a snake farming game based on completing puzzles. Take the snake to explore all the platforms in the game. Collect stars to make the snake bigger.

Start the game with a thrilling storyline. The snake that appears in the game is named Growmi. It was returned to its small form after stepping through the ghostly portal. Your task now is to bring Growmi to find the original big body. Starting the adventure you will control the snake to go into the cave with elaborate designs. The body of the snake is limited, so you can only move in flexible segments. Use your brain to find the right paths for the snake's small body right now. In the process of moving, find the place where the stars are hidden. When you collect enough stars your body will be longer. Continue to use the length of the body to conquer the final level of the game.

Puzzles to find the way

In the process of moving, you will encounter difficult situations. For example, the wooden blocks lying on the road. Take advantage of them for easier access to the road. If you do not know how to take advantage of these wood pellets you will not find the path and you will have to play again. There are also many situations along the way that require mental acuity. Use all your gray matter to make Growmi the smartest and greatest snake.

How to control

  • To move to use arrow keys or WASD
  • Unlock the power to be able to shrink with the space bar
  • To undo use the U or Z key
  • To switch maps use the M key
Have Fun!