Happy Snakes

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How to play:

Happy Snakes is an addictive multiplayer arcade game. Your objective is to control your snake to move in any direction to eat colorful dots to grow longer.

You must be too familiar with a legendary snake game in old-school Nokia phones. You want to play it again, but it is not popular. Now, this legendary snake game is back with a fresh new appearance. Happy Snakes-an upgraded version will bring back so many memories. Your mission is to control your little snake to move around the room to eat colorful glowing dots to grow bigger and longer. Try to avoid other bigger snakes if you don't want to be killed soon. Don't worry if you accidentally bite your tail because you won't die. Be the biggest snake to raise your name on the leader board. You can choose the size of the room (small, medium, or large) before playing. There is a snakeskin collection with different colors to freely choose from.

Features of Happy Snakes:

  • A snakeskin collection with different colors the different room sizes to choose from before playing.
  • Leaderboard supports
  • Easy to play
  • Multiplayer
  • Lovely graphics and catchy tunes
Have Fun!