Helix Jump Online

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How to play:

Helix Jump Online is an extremely interesting maze axis control game. Rotate this shaft so that the bouncing ball can fall down without touching the restricted area. The gameplay in this game is really simple. You just need to hold the mouse while dragging it to rotate the tower in Helix Jump Online. To unlock new skins and improve your score, you can collect coins.

Suggestions for you

  • Rotate the maze axis as much as possible for the ball to pass through. You will get 4 points for each gap you pass. You will get bonus points if you can repeatedly make the ball fall through many gaps or knock down the towers of the tower.
  • Aim forward and move quickly. To avoid red no-go areas and lead the ball to the holes, you must rotate the platform dynamically. To maintain control, you must also pay attention to the speed of the ball.
  • The ball will become invulnerable on later touches if you can fall through three floors in a row. The red platforms can be destroyed with the help of balls to increase your score.
Have Fun!