Hex Bois

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How to play:

Welcome to the color strategy game called Hex Bois. In this game you will compete with your opponents by continuously expanding your territory. Build hexagons to generate money. Also, build more walls to protect your base. Make sure that each of your hexagons is connected to another hexagon to form a unified block. If a hexagon is not connected, it will disappear and be destroyed. You lose the game when your last tile is destroyed.

How to play

  • WASD or arrow keys are used to move.
  • You can attack by clicking on your opponent's hex.
  • Fix your hexagons by clicking on them.

Tips for you

You should build hexagons that generate money, hexagons that create walls to protect the base, and hexagons that increase your income. You must ensure that all of your hexes are connected to one of your hexes. A hex will fade and be destroyed if it is not connected

You should attack your opponent by destroying their base and hexes.

Have Fun!