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How to play:

Try your best to take up as much space as possible while eliminating your opponent's squares.

You will win if you turn all the lands into your territory.

Territorial expansion game

Introduce is a fascinating territorial strategy game you should try. Start the game and expand your territory. Try to make the whole map your territory.


Territorial expansion is at the heart of the multiplayer strategy game To protect their lands, expand their territories, and eventually build their empires, players engage in combat with each other.

Build structures that suit your plans. On your territory tiles, you can erect towers, castles, camps, and capitals. Each building serves a distinct purpose, such as defending territory, increasing strength, or training troops.

Some tips in the game

Gaining control of houses will increase your gold income. By moving your army there, you can take over villages on the map. Over time, villages will give you gold so you can upgrade your troops and buildings.

Use different terrains to your strategic advantage. Your army cannot cross rivers, lakes, or seas, but can advance through mountains, forests, and grasslands.

When dealing with your opponents, be cautious. On the map, you can see your opponent's positions and colors. By moving your army to your opponent's square, you can launch an attack or organize a defense.

Have Fun!