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How to play: introduction

Hatch as many eggs as possible in You need to get many little chicks in this game. Besides, you will compete with many opponents in the world.

In this fun game, you turn into a hen. However, this hen can't lay eggs. Move around to collect the eggs which hatch the chick. The more chick you have, the more points you get. With the highest score, you can put your name on the top of a leaderboard. The other players have the same target as you. Therefore, sometimes, you must join the egg-stealing battles. If you lose in the battle, you and your chicks will transform into eggs. Then, your opponents will collect them. That isn't happy, right? Try your best to avoid the big flock of chickens!

How to conquer

In this game, you need to understand some tips to survive. Don't be bumped into other participants head-on that may lead to your failure. Take care of the red zone which will gradually be narrowing. At that time, you must fight other players. You will get the victory if you are the final survivor. You can enjoy one of three modes in this game. They are io mode, battle royal, and team. Each mode has different features, and you can explore them when starting the game. Don't forget to invite your friends to play together in team mode. Now, it's time to relax.

Game controls

  • Swipe the mouse to navigate the hen
  • Click the right mouse button to attack foes.
Have Fun!