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How to play:
  • You control your warrior character to move with the arrows. He can fly easily thanks to the rocket box on his back.
  • You aim and shoot monsters by moving the mouse and left clicking.


Start the game to join a dramatic battle journey in the monster kingdom. You play as a brave warrior who destroys flying monsters with your gun.

Game features is a multiplayer platform shooting game. It has engaging gameplay and beautiful graphics that many players enjoy. In this game, you fight in a pixelated dungeon while flying around with a jetpack.

Game missions

The goal is to kill all the monsters you encounter by killing them. Don't let them approach and knock you down.

Some skills you need to know

Shield: Creates a barrier to protect you from flying monster attacks.

Teleport: Instantly move to another place to avoid times when there are too many monsters flying around you.

Freezing opponents near the North Pole is also a great move you can use to deal with them.

Super Speed: You can increase your movement speed.

In addition, you can launch guided missiles to self-locate the target.

Have Fun!