Junon Imposter

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How to play:

Junon Imposter free online game, in the game you are acting as a crew or as an impostor. The two characters' quests are contradictory. Join the game to find out the winner.

As a crew member, you will be assigned a series of duties to accomplish. The game is won if any of the crew members complete their tasks. If you're the Imposter, your mission is to assassinate anyone or sabotage the location by planting a bomb. Imposters can also hide under vents, sabotage lights, and use an assassin's knife to kill someone immediately. Crew members must be vigilant at all times to announce all bodies discovered, which will trigger a meeting where everyone will debate and vote the Imposter out. Play now and have a web-based Among Us experience.


  • WASD - to move
  • E - interact
  • Space or mouseclick - use item
  • Number keys - switch between items
Have Fun!