Just Fall.LOL

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How to play:

Just Fall.LOL is a fun competitive game of penguins to see who is the ultimate winner. Beautiful graphics and many attractive mini games are waiting for you.

There are three game modes available: Competitive, Casual, and Custom. Four mini-games will be randomly chosen if you pick Normal mode. In contrast, you may select one of the four challenges in the Competitive mode and compete against gamers from all around the world. You can select one of 4 challenges and play by yourself in Custom mode. You will be randomly partnered with another player at the beginning of each game, or you may enlist friends to create an 8 person team. Notice how the icebergs will melt when people jump above their surface. This makes the standing position increasingly narrow, keep the penguin standing in a safe position for as long as possible. Avoid manipulating the penguin into melting ice holes. Try to be the last person to fall into the water to get your name on the leaderboard.

There are 4 challenges in Just Fall.LOL that you will experience: Hexagon, Just Blocks, Just Jump, Parkour. Each challenge you will have to complete has its own focus tasks. In all challenges try your best to be the only winner.


  • The game has attractive graphics
  • Cute, funny penguin character
  • Customizable characters with 12 available colors
  • Experience thrilling challenges like never before
  • Fun sounds motivate gameplay


  • To control the character, use the WASD keys or the mouse/arrow keys.
Have Fun!