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How to play: is a fantastic multiplayer dead game in which you transform into a killer and try to get away with murder. Try to kill partiers sneakily!

You play a serial killer based on characters from classic slasher films. Attend a social gathering with unwitting citizens and other users acting erratically. Assassinate the victim when no one is looking and leave a trail of blood. Avoid being caught and kill as many people as you can. In this amusing game, try to be covert while battling two other killers.

This game is the game where you can turn into a maniac. Find out new ways to kill people and hide their bodies. You can use the arrow keys to move, the Z key to demolishing, and the X key to interact.

Features of

  • Addictive gameplay
  • Various victims
  • Multiplayer

Release Date

Oct 25, 2019

How to control

  • The arrow keys to move
  • The Z key to demolish
  • The X key to interact
Have Fun!