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How to play: is a Minecraft-style multiplayer online shooting game. The game is designed in a first-person perspective, become the last survivor of the war. In the game, you will have to face many different opponents in the world. Use skills and tactics to become the highest ranked player in the game without being eliminated early. This is a fiercely competitive first-person shooter that can be played in your browser without any downloads or logins. Create an account, get experience, level up, and win prizes as you go!

  • To win the game, you must eliminate as many other players as possible.
  • Everyone is on their own in Solo! To get the most points, eliminate as many other players as possible.
  • In TDM (team deathmatch), work together with your teammates to defeat the other squad.
  • You will only be able to defeat other players with your knife in knife only (coming soon).
  • Secure the zone and stay in it in modes with a flag to earn extra points.
  • The game allows you to form a clan and attract new members. At the conclusion of each month, the clan with the most points will be rewarded.


You won't be able to move rapidly, so your best chance is to aim carefully and discharge your weapon.

Switch back to your main weapon to participate in a battle after using your knife to walk a little quicker. Another option is to dash to confuse your opponent and make yourself more difficult to strike, but be careful because it has a cooldown.

Games movement speed is a little slower than other games in the genre, so take that in mind when planning your moves and defeating your foes.

Crouching while shooting is another way to make it harder for an opponent to hit.


  • "W" to move forward
  • "S" to move backward
  • "A" to move left
  • "D" to move right
  • "SPACE" to jump
  • "C" to crouch
  • "SHIFT" to dash
  • "LEFT-CLICK" to shoot
  • "RIGHT-CLICK" to scope
  • "1,2,3,4,5" to switch item
  • "Q" to switch items back
Have Fun!