Knifes Vs

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How to play:

Knifes Vs is a thrilling fighting battle game. You have to control a little girl to collect food to become stronger and eliminate your opponents.

Use your mouse to control your character. Slide for the character to move around the map and press and hold the left mouse button to attack and increase speed. On the playing screen, there are many foods such as chicken thighs, dumplings, moon cakes, peaches, etc. You also see the appearance of shields. Collect it so you can fend off the onslaught of enemies. It will help you survive an attack. Eat as much food as possible to get the energy to attack opponents. To destroy the rivals, you need to use your weapon to hit the opponent. Meanwhile, you should also be careful because your enemies are always waiting for an opportunity to attack you. Remember to unlock new skins for your character and new weapons. Fighting and killing enemies will help you raise your rank. Try to survive the 90-second battle. The person who kills the most opponents wins. Follow the leaderboard of the battle in the upper left corner of the screen.

The Knifes Vs Sword.IO game is an exciting action and adventure game for multiplayer. You have an opportunity to participate in intense battles with cool graphics and effects. You can enjoy various beautiful landscapes and environments after each playing time.

Features of Knifes Vs

  • The competitive action game for multiplayer
  • Eye-catching graphics and cool effects
  • Various adorable characters and many weapons
  • Survive in 90 seconds and kill as many enemies as possible

How to control

  • Slide your mouse to move
  • Press and hold the mouse left button to attack and speed up
Have Fun!