Laserbots io

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How to play:

Laserbots io familiar 3rd person online shooting game. Fight against enemies and defend the base from the mob in zombies mode.


8 players 2v2 with a game time of 5 minutes wins the player with the top score. The map contains a gun, a tower, and a health pickup, so keep your eyes peeled.

Maps Arena: Hidden nowhere, not far from running. Thrown onto the grinding machine.

To defend the base from zombies, all 4 players on the same teamwork together. You will pay a point on the implementation of towers when you slaughter a zombie. When they die in the vicinity, zombies can damage something, don't let them come too close. Each wave is getting tougher and you're going to lose if the base takes five hits. This game mode can be very difficult, I would recommend using a lot of towers.

  • Maps Corridor: a direct path from yourself to the zombies. Nice and straightforward.
  • Spiral: Work through the spiral as the waves advance. There should be more strategic tower positioning (you'll need it).

You have to wait until the conclusion of a match to swap maps, so you can choose another map.

You will deploy towers that fire enemies for you automatically. Towers are free to collect in deathmatch mode but cost 5 zombie points. Once you've taken a tower, switch to a decent location to have it installed by pressing the Shot button. The towers can be damaged, degraded, and destroyed slowly.

Arms Waves

Shooting a gun costs electricity, and it immediately recharges it.

  • Your initial arm, Dual Laser. The harm is constant and mild.
  • Plasma Launcher: Superior damage to the splash. Excellent to wipe the zombie crowds...
  • Laser beam: Good single endless range damage.


Keyboard and Mouse

  • WASD to move around.
  • Move the mouse to aim.
  • Click to shoot.

Screen Touch (Experimental)

  • Drag in a moving direction.
  • Tap a shooting spot. An opponent is going to lock up and fire.


  • To switch about on the left analog stick.
  • Analog sticks right to the goal.
  • Any shooting button.
Have Fun!