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How to play:
  • You press the WASD keys to control the warship's flight direction.
  • Use left click to shoot lasers, right click to shoot secondary weapons
  • You use mouse scrolling to change weapons. Or you can use the number keys to do this job.
  • Press the Shift key to reduce the warship's flight speed
  • You press the Space key to increase the warship's flying speed for fierce attacks.

Introducing is an extremely attractive modern missile combat game in space. You are a warrior controlling a space warship to attack other opponents to win.

Modern combat weapons

Missiles: Your warship will be provided with many space missiles with automatic tracking capabilities.

Shield: In addition to recovering from damage, you also get a second shield that keeps lasers and missiles away from you. Use it when needed to protect your warship.

The most powerful weapon you have at hand is the space bomb, capable of destroying any spacecraft of the other side that is within its blast radius.

Taser: A forward-attack weapon that can strike multiple ships at once with powerful lightning bolts.

Reflective Shield: You can defend yourself with a red reflective shield if someone is chasing you.

Have Fun!