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How to play: is an intriguing action and adventure game. You need to be fatter by collecting orbs and making other players crash into your trail to kill them.

In this entertaining game, you will be put in an arena with many other players. Your task is to collect as many orbs as possible. By eating orbs, you can become fatter and have the energy to accelerate. When you accelerate, you will create a trail behind and your opponent will die when crashing into this trail. On the contrary, you also need to be careful because your opponent can kill you in the same way.

To control your character, slide your mouse to move and press the left mouse button to accelerate. As you accelerate, you lose energy and become leaner. Note that you can crash into the edges of the play screen without dying. Keep track of your achievements on the left bottom of the screen and the leaderboard on the right top of the screen. Good luck!

Choose your favourite skins for your character. In this game, there are many different skins for you to choose from. Do you like green, orange, purple or white? Do you want to use jewellery or have a special eye? All the above skins are available in this game and you don't need to unlock them. In addition, you can choose from one of four themes: candy, ice, space, and dark. Each theme gives you a unique background with unique colours. Make your choice and start the game.

Features of

  • The attractive arcade adventure game
  • Multiplayer
  • Various available skins for your character

How to control

  • Slide your mouse to move
  • Press the mouse left button to speed up
Have Fun!