Line Color

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How to play:

Line Color is a very interesting block-control game that you should try. With your block, conquer the challenging path and try to color your own. This game has easy-to-understand gameplay and simple graphics. You have to be prepared to overcome challenges along the route like spinning propellers and shifting bricks. To pass the level, avoid hitting the obstacles and complete the line. Earn more coins by completing levels and unlocking character skins.

Some tips for you to play Line Color better

  • To move your square, you need to hold and then release the mouse button. Holding too long will cause the square to stop, which means you will lose. The square will be dropped if you quit too early, and you will also lose.
  • You should keep an eye on the barriers and decide when it is the best time to move. Some barriers can rotate, shift, or disappear. You should use the space in between them to pass.
  • To get used to the levels and train your reflexes, you need to play the game regularly. You can also watch video tutorials on YouTube to learn tips and strategies from other players.
Have Fun!