Litemint io

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How to play:

Litemint io card game at a fast pace to eliminate opponents after each turn. Each card has different uses, use flexibility, to win.

Enter matches and fight your enemies, draw cards in turn for 2-3 minutes, unlock new cards, edit your deck, join the next battle immediately, and constantly scale the leaderboards.

Each turn of your hand and your opponent's hand (in hand) strengthens it, so try to conserve your best resources at the right time and strike with force!

Overloaded cards have the ability to pass their energy to another overloaded player! Make good use of them!

Armor is critical if you want to stop being fired in your final move!

Earn technology cards that could save your life!


  • To play a short match with the training bot, click the Play button. After finishing the training course, you will be able to compete against other real teams.
  • When you defeat the first player, you will receive new cards in your deck, note to keep an eye on them (My Collection button) as they will greatly boost your power for the next match!
  • To learn more about a rival, click on their blazon.
  • Use the mouse to control.
Have Fun!