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How to play:
  • Control the character to move in the direction you want with the W, A, S, D keys or arrow keys
  • Press E to let your character interact
  • Press the Esc key to open the Menu


Join the game inspired by the famous game Minecraft. You can explore an endlessly vast world. Mine resources to create your empire.

Your duties

To make money in this game, you must mine resources, buy goods from the store, install generators to generate energy, and place blocks to sell energy and resources.

Trying to build a base that generates the most energy is your goal. To buy goods and improvements, you must mine energy and resources. On-screen indicators for time, money, energy, and health must also be observed.


The game has stunning 3D graphics, with maps and characters inspired by the popular game Minecraft. The game also features realistic sounds, such as explosions and mining noises.

Some tips

You can buy mechanized miners, new generators, armor, and better tools. Additionally, you must fortify your base with defensive structures and walls.

To buy goods and improvements at the store, you should mine as much energy and resources as possible. To increase mining efficiency, you can use automatic miners, new generators, armor, and better tools.

To protect miners and generators, you should build a sturdy base. The blocks where you sell resources and energy can be used to pay other players. Intruders can also be repelled by walls and defensive tools such as saw blades, explosives, and firearms.

Have Fun!