Mini Golf Club

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How to play:

Mini Golf Club is an exciting multiplayer 3D sports game. Explore addictive game modes to challenge yourself and become the most glorious winner.

Your goal in the game is to hit the ball into a sequence of holes on the court and use as few shots as possible. In public matches, you are randomly matched with individuals in the region of your choice. Invite friends to private matches that you create and customize to your liking, and play together through the game's multitude of difficulty levels. Watch out for tricky obstacles and take advantage of keyboard shortcuts. Learn the dynamic elements of each course. Use the jump zone and flexible boosters to achieve your goals.

In addition, the game also has 5 game modes for you to choose from Tournament, Practice, Versus, Splitscreen, and Online multiplayer. Since each level can be completed in different ways, you will definitely have to play over and over at some difficulty levels. Each match consists of 3 holes and you will have to complete them with as few shots as possible. The fastest player wins if everyone else has the same score.


  • Amazing beautiful 3D graphics.
  • Challenge your golf skills with a variety of challenging hole positions.
  • You can play the same level over and over again without getting bored.
  • Win many prizes to change the golf ball to come alive.
  • The game has many interesting game modes for you to choose from.


  • Drag the left mouse to shoot a golf ball
  • Use the C key to turn on the camera mode
  • Use Arrow Keys / Mouse to look around
  • Scroll up to zoom in
  • Scroll down to zoom out
Have Fun!