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How to play:
  • Use WASD to control your character's movements
  • Press space bar to Jump
  • Press Shift to Run Fast
  • Press Alt to Crouch
  • You use left-click to dig and attack. Right-click to place block
  • Press E to open inventory
  • Double tap space to Fly in creative mode
  • Open the chat box by pressing Enter
  • Press P to pause the game

About game

Start exploring a cubic world in game. Show off your endless creativity and compete among other players. Build your powerful empire.

Game modes features thrilling parkour adventures, sky block challenges, and creative and survival modes

Game features

A vast creative universe is available on Players can build, explore, and participate in quests here. In a vibrant and competitive voxel universe, the game invites players to use their imagination to create unique stories and experiences.

Some useful tips when playing

You have a lot of space in the game to explore and build. Play around with various building blocks and configurations to design your universe. Develop your leaping ability and spatial awareness to overcome obstacles in parkour.

Put yourself in a creative state, practice, and experiment without fear of failure. When in survival mode, have all your weapons and equipment ready before venturing out or facing enemies.

When playing Skyblock Challenge, build the necessary infrastructure to expand your island with the few resources available and become self-sufficient.

Playing together and interacting with other players can be very fun and educational. You can also watch tutorial videos or join gaming forums to learn from other players.

Have Fun!