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How to play: is a taming and battle io game where players must train, evolve their pets, and join thrilling battles to become the master of monsters!

How to play MonsterMaster io game

Tame and evolve

Welcome to the fantastical world of pets! When you first land in the game, you will have to choose a monster to start your adventure! Select among mini charlie, slime, baby dragon, and critter.

Next, learn how to control your pets. Then, move around and shoot to defeat different slimes and enemies around. That is the only way to evolve your pet. Sometimes, the enemies will drop gold when they get eliminated. Collect them to upgrade your pet and weapons.

On the left side of the screen, you can see your pet level and different stats like health, mana, damage, defense, health regen, and mana regen. Try to level up and evolve your pet and make it become stronger. Each monster has unique abilities, try to take advantage of that.

Create a strong squad

To claim victory during battles, you must form a team of at least two powerful pets. There is also a wide range of weapons and guns that you can use to defeat the opponents. Keep on your hard work to evolve your pets and unlock new evolutionary tiers. Try to train your monster to become a legendary one. Use your strategy and shooting skills to become the champion.

This new io game will bring a fantastic journey in the monster training world!


  • WASD / Arrow keys to move.
  • Left-click to attack.
  • Right-click to control your pet.
  • 2 to throw a net.
  • 3/4 for pets ultimates.
  • E/F to interact.
  • Q for emotes.

Features of the game

  • Different pets to tame
  • Amazing monster journal
  • Customizable characters with various load-outs and emotes
  • Epic battles
Have Fun!