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How to play: is a survival game where you try to survive in the monster world or become one of the monsters to begin a hunt. Make your choice and start the game!

Some poor little people were destined to be crushed by the monster in this arena. You have the option of being one of the monsters mentioned above or a regular person. Make your choice! The tricky part is that you begin as a little creature. The more people you hit, the bigger you'll get, and the higher your level will be. You'll eventually start stabbing monsters that are smaller than you. This technique, if done correctly, will not only make you money but will also assist you in surviving in the arena. You win the round if you are a giant monster with the highest level. Remember that you can earn coins to unlock new monsters and improve your speed, strength, or life.

Features of

  • Competitive gameplay
  • Cool graphics
  • Unlock new monsters
  • Challenging and various enemies

How to control

  • Use Mouse to control
Have Fun!