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Murder is a fascinating assassin-style game that will bring you a relaxing time. Assassinate the king to become the new king and defeat the backstabbers.

You can become a king or remain a servant forever. That will be demonstrated in this simple click mechanic game. Take advantage of the time when the king is not paying attention and hit him with a hammer. You can see the power bar on the top of the screen. You can take down the king if your power bar is full. Click and hold the mouse to hit the king. After defeating the king, you will become the new king. At that time, you will have to deal with those who attack you in the back. However, you will be thrown in prison if you let him find out. Try to be the king and keep your throne by any means.

Developer and platform

This game was released on August 2019. Studio Seufz developed this game. You can play it both on mobile devices and desktops such as laptops, computers, or smartphones.

Backstabbers in Murder

In this game, you have to pass two stages including a servant and a new king. After stabbing the king, you will change from a servant into a new king. At that time, you will have to face a lot of backstabbers. Try to catch them. However, remember that the queen and the state monk are good people. Therefore, believe in them.

How to control your character

  • PC: Click on the left mouse or the SPACEBAR key to hit or turn back
  • Mobile devices: Tap and hold on the screen
Have Fun!