Nugget Royale

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How to play:

Nugget Royale is a thrilling survival game of chickens. Take control of the chicks you own, and fight the remaining 79 chickens to survive to the end.

Starting to enter the game, you will have to wait for 80 chickens at the same time to start with a series of challenges ahead. Your chicken will have a green arrow symbol on its head, which helps you easily identify the chicken you control during play. At the beginning of the game, you and other opponents have only one place with a narrower field of interest. Try to dodge fatal slashes and push your opponent down to win the last place. The machines will scare you but don't worry try your best and use your fighting ability to the end, you will be the winner in the end!


  • Nugget Royale game made by Pelican Party Studios. The game is run on all web browsing available on PC and phone.


  • Vivid 3D graphics
  • Explore many dramatic gameplay stages
  • Unlock cool upgrades
  • Fight with multiplayer

How to play

  • Use W/A/S/D to move around
  • Use the SPACE key to jump
Have Fun!