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Fun Numberium puzzle game through random number tiles. In the game, you will be familiar with the unique counting method. In the 16 squares, you move to start from 1 to the ones given by the game.

When passing through the game tiles given in the puzzle box, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division can occur. Move the newly formed number to the last number position of the given game. It sounds complicated, but after looking at the detailed instructions before playing you will understand the rules of the game. Become the person with the most accurate passage and pass all levels of this Numberium game.

The game needs your acumen and flexibility to control the numbers in the most accurate order. The difficulty will gradually increase, please persevere in playing this puzzle game until the end. If wrong, you can go back using the in-game buttons pre-installed. Join the game now to conquer the great puzzles.


Use the mouse to control

Have Fun!